Barney’s Version: the film

Date night last night. D and I went to the movies, and though it wasn’t his first choice, he graciously agreed to watch Barney’s Version with me. The fact that it is playing at The Oxford (best theatre ever) helped a lot.

I really enjoyed the film. I mean, I have a long list of things I can’t believe they did to such a fabulous book, but long story short: it was a good but not excellent film, Paul Giamatti was fantastic–the perfect Barney, Minnie Driver was hilariously over the top, and Dustin Hoffman was hilarious as his Dad (I didn’t expect to like that choice). I recommend you go see it. I also recommend you bring tissue. I’m not usually a crier when it comes to movies, though a sad book kills me. Maybe because I’d just finished reading it? Or maybe I’m getting softer with age.

Just bear in mind: He lived in Paris in his 20’s, not Rome. Everything the film says happened in New York should have happened in Toronto. And Solange (the actress who is reduced to a sad stereotype) was a much deeper character and a great friend to Barney.


3 Comments on “Barney’s Version: the film”

  1. Tami Jackson says:

    Did the change in venue (in the story) affect how you felt about the performance over all?

  2. nataliejoan says:

    To a degree. At first I was annoyed, because the Canadiana and the background cultural/political situation, and the ongoing rivalries between Montreal and Toronto are a big deal in the book.
    But I had to remind myself that the film is not the book. And as soon as I accepted that the new venue was New York it was fine (which took maybe 15-20 minutes).

  3. Tami Jackson says:

    Well, I can understand how (if you feel emotionally connected to a place — as I am to Forks, where the Twilight series happened) you would feel disappointed by a movie chaning the location described in the book. I’ll have to keep that in mind in case my book ever gets offered a movie deal. Ha!

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