Review Policy

So far, this blog has been entirely self-directed, but as it grows, I have been receiving specific requests to review books, so have written the following review policy to be clear about what I will and won’t write. This is subject to modification at any time.

Authors & Publishers – If you would like to send me a book to review, please email me at nataliejoan AT gmail DOT com with a synopsis of the book.

I am happy to participate in blog tours, post guest posts, conduct author interviews, and/or hold giveaways in conjunction with reading and reviewing the promoted book.

  • My Preferred Genres: Literary Fiction, Historical Fiction, Young Adult, Science Fiction/Fantasy
  • Genres I don’t read often or at all: Non-Fiction, Memoirs, Romance, Chick Lit

I have a Kobo and will consider accepting specific review copies in electronic form.

By accepting a review copy of a book, I do not guarantee that I’ll finish it or that I’ll review it. If I do finish the book, I’ll review it honestly on this site. If I do not finish a book for any reason, I’ll do my best to ensure that it finds its way into the hands of another interested reader, usually through a giveaway on this site.

I always write honest reviews. If a book doesn’t work for me, I will say so. My intent is to encourage people to read, so I do not publish negative reviews, or bash authors or books. I will only write a review if I have something positive to say about the book, but that does not mean everything I say will be positive. If I really don’t enjoy a book, I simply won’t review it.

I do my best to read and review books in a timely manner. However, due to time constraints and other reading interests, it could take several months for a review to be posted.


I have created a new tag “review copy” for books which were sent to me for free, by the author or publisher. (I have also published reviews in The Coast, and some review copies were received this way.) All other books reviewed on this site were received as gifts, loaned to me, or purchased by me.

*Please note: I have been overwhelmed with requests to review books, to the point that I cannot even respond to them all right now. Until I catch up (which could take a few months) I regret that I cannot accept unsolicited requests. – April 29, 2012


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